If you’re convinced that this life holds no meaning, no significance in the grand scheme of things, boy, is this for you.
This may come as a shock to you, but you are not obligated, morally or otherwise, to worship and praise at the altar of death that is today’s MSM. There…
Dobbs decision from SCOTUS means we still have a modicum of His grace upon this nation - let's not waste it
Happy (belated) Resurrection Day from Sodom Francisco.
When a theology steeped in the primacy of language is assailed by revisionism, can such a theology maintain its cultural influence?
What happens when one multimillionaire celebrity assaults another on live TV? You give him the Academy Award for Best Actor, obviously.
New report says Biden Administration paid hundreds of news organizations to "build vaccine confidence" for experimental COVID-19 shots
Told in the style of a children's book, BACKWARDS DAD takes a wistful look at two generations of fatherhood from the perspective of both father and son.
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