What’s this all about?

It’s a legit question.

Here’s the deal: you may have noticed that we are living in perhaps what may be the most exciting period in modern history, one wrought with massive societal upheaval, transformational politics, and widespread spiritual deception.

As someone who has worked in entertainment and broadcast/digital media for decades, I’m hoping Infinite Burn Media will start a conversation about why Big Media has grown openly hostile toward people of faith - specifically Bible-believing Christians - and what that means for the future of media and for those who live out their faith in the professional arena, whatever that may be.

Talking back is welcome

I want to hear directly from you - your stories, your opinions, whether what’s being said here resonates with your experience. And I want to help any one who’s struggling to fight back against what feels like a monolithic movement to snuff out believers in Corporate America.

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